• Location

    South Lanarkshire

  • Anticipated Installed Capacity

    172 MW

  • No. of Turbines


  • Homes Powered


The Kennoxhead Wind Farm Extension II (Penbreck) virtual exhibition is now live and can be accessed via the following link while further information is provided below.



Brookfield Renewable UK Limited is preparing for construction of a new subsidy-free onshore wind farm development at Kennoxhead in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The site is located on land south of the A70, near the village of Glespin on the Douglas Estate which is steeped in history; growing from a rural estate village in the 19th century to a thriving mining community in the 20th century. Following the closure of its Glentaggart coal mine in 2011, the Estate has embraced the move away from fossil fuels and is actively working with Brookfield Renewable on the consented Kennoxhead Wind Farm cluster.

The Kennoxhead development is central to Brookfield’s development pipeline, has planning consents in place, as well as contracted grid connections.

The Kennoxhead Wind Farm cluster consists of the consented 19 turbine Kennoxhead Wind Farm, as well as Kennoxhead Wind Farm Extension and Kennoxhead Wind Farm Extension II (Penbreck) which are at the pre-consent stage both of which comprise of eight turbine.


Site Location
Glespin, United Kingdom

Latest Updates

December 2020: Brookfield Renewable UK Limited (BRUK) is developing Penbreck Wind Farm as part of its Kennoxhead Wind Farm.

We are currently undertaking public consultation regarding our proposals to amend the existing consent to increase the efficiency of the site, this involves amending the design by reducing the number of turbines, relocating the turbines and increasing the tip heights.  This redesign would be subject to a new consent application.

As we continue to manage the threat of COVID-19 we are designing our consultation activities in order to protect others and prevent the spread of the disease.

  • Our digital public consultation exhibition will be available from 7 December 2020 and can be accessed here
  • The display materials are also available to download here

We hope that you are able to access the exhibition. However, if not, we would encourage you to:

  • Request a ring back by emailing uk@brookfieldrenewable.com or calling 07482 723023 to set up a discussion. The team is on hand to discuss the plans in further detail with you by phone/video call. This includes after 5pm.
  • Submit your questions and have them answered via email.
  • Request the information to be provided on a memory stick or by hard copy. Send your request via email or by calling 07482 723023.

We are committed to taking your views on-board and would encourage you to use the virtual consultation room which will be available from 7 December 2020 and browse through the materials available.

You can share your feedback by:

  • Complete an online form here
  • Send your comments via email

We would welcome your comments and feedback by Monday 11 January. However, we will continue to be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Once we have submitted an application to the Scottish Government there will be an additional opportunity to provide comments and feedback.  We appreciate this is not the usual format that you may be used to and we want to thank you for your cooperation.


Construction Update November 2020: We are very pleased that the project is progressing and construction has now started on site. Health and safety is our priority. As well as strictly following the Scottish Government Coronavirus guidance, we make sure that all workers adhere to industry standard health and safety measures at all times.

Some works will be more visible than others and we will do all we can to minimise any disruption to nearby communities. We will keep the public up-to-date on progress during the construction phase using written updates to local communities, by placing information on this website and meeting with local stakeholders where possible.

We are currently preparing the site to ensure that it can accommodate the construction works that will take place over the coming months. An anticipated timeline of activity is as follows:

  • October – December 2020 – Site preparation – including tree felling
  • October 2020 – March 2021 – Internal access track construction
  • January – April 2021 – Public road upgrades on minor Glentaggart Road
  • December 2020 – July 2021 – Turbine and infrastructure foundations
  • August – September 2021 – Turbine delivery
  • September – December 2021 – Wind turbine erection
  • First half of 2022 – Commissioning and completion of Kennoxhead Wind Farm Phase 1

We appreciate that at some stages of the construction process nearby communities may notice an impact locally, such as an increase in traffic for site deliveries. However, should you experience any unexpected impacts or have concerns about the construction process, please contact Tom Parkyn on 07482 723023.

July 2020: Brookfield submits a request for Scoping Opinion to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit (ECU) to re-design the consented Penbreck Wind Farm.

April 2020: An application to extend the consented Kennoxhead Wind Farm has been submitted under Section 36 of the Electricity Act. The proposed extension consists of up to eight turbines, each with blade tip heights of up to 180m and an overall generation capacity of up to 50 MW. The extension would share much of the infrastructure with the consented Kennoxhead Wind Farm including the access tracks and construction compound.

The application is now lodged with the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Units and we would expect a decision early next year. Should the proposal be permitted it will form part of the wider Kennoxhead Wind Farm cluster, for which the initial stages are due for construction later this year.

A copy of the application documents is available for viewing under the resources page.

December 2019: Brookfield Renewable UK Limited has been granted a varied consent by the Scottish Ministers to construct and operate a 19 turbine wind farm, known as Kennoxhead Wind Farm, located approximately 3.3km south of the village of Glespin in the planning authority area of South Lanarkshire Council. Each of the 19 turbines has a maximum height of no more than 180 metres. There is no change to the proposed locations of any of the 19 turbines. This varied development will have a generating capacity in excess of 50 megawatts. The Scottish Ministers have also directed, under Section 57(2) of the Town & Country Planning Act (Scotland) 1997, that a new planning permission is deemed to be granted for the varied development.

Copies of the decision statement and related documentation can be downloaded from resources page as well as from the Energy Consents Unit online portal www.energyconsents.scot

June 2019: An application for variation to the consented Kennoxhead Wind Farm submitted under Section 36c of the Electricity Act. The proposed variation involves increasing the tip heights of the 19 consented turbines from 145m up to a maximum of 180m, whilst the turbine locations and infrastructure layout remain unchanged. It is also proposed to extend the commissioning period of the turbines from 18 to 36 months to allow for grid connection delays. Increasing the tip height and rotor diameter of the turbines has the benefit of significantly increasing the energy generation potential and efficiency of the development.

The application is now lodged with the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit and we expect a decision later this year. Construction is expected to begin in mid-2020 with the first export of power to take place in late 2021. A copy of the application documents is available for viewing under the resources page.

July 2015: Planning consent received from the Scottish Government.


As a long-term owner, operator and developer of renewable assets, Brookfield Renewable believes it is important to be an active partner in the communities in which we develop projects and operate. In Scotland, we offer a community benefit programme committed to supporting communities close to our wind farm sites and we are keen to support local community projects wherever we can.

Brookfield will contribute at least £5,000 per megawatt installed to a community benefit fund annually over the lifetime of the development’s operation.

Key to our continued growth is thorough consultation and engagement with the people who live and work near our projects.

A dedicated Community Liaison Group (CLG) was established for Kennoxhead Wind Farm to ensure that the proposed development involves local people, takes account of their views and explores opportunities to create long-term economic benefit.

For further information on community development, please contact us:

Wind Power

Wind is one of the world’s fastest growing renewable energy sources and has become a major component in the energy mix. Wind power is clean, cost effective and does the same job as fossil fuels but generates less waste.

Scotland is one of Europe’s strongest wind resources creating significant potential for the deployment of wind power.

This trend is expected to continue as:

  • The costs of wind energy continue to fall
  • Threats to energy security persist across the globe
  • The need to tackle climate change becomes increasingly urgent