• Location

    South Lanarkshire

  • Anticipated Installed Capacity

    112 MW

  • No. of Turbines


  • Homes Powered


Brookfield Renewable UK Limited is preparing for construction of a new subsidy-free onshore wind farm development at Kennoxhead in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The site is located on land south of the A70, near the village of Glespin on the Douglas Estate which is steeped in history; growing from a rural estate village in the 19th century to a thriving mining community in the 20th century. Following the closure of its Glentaggart coal mine in 2011, the Estate has embraced the move away from fossil fuels and is actively working with Brookfield Renewable on the consented Kennoxhead Wind Farm.

The Kennoxhead development is central to Brookfield’s development pipeline, has planning consents in place, as well as a contracted grid connection.


Site Location
Glespin, United Kingdom

Latest Updates

  • 2018: Brookfield Renewable are working to address planning conditions, liaising with local stakeholders and look forward to commencing the next stages of constructing of the development
  • July 2015: Planning consent received from the Scottish Government


As a long-term owner, operator and developer of renewable assets, Brookfield Renewable believes it is important to be an active partner in the communities in which we develop projects and operate. In Scotland, we offer a community benefit programme committed to supporting communities close to our wind farm sites and we are keen to support local community projects wherever we can.

Brookfield will contribute at least £5,000 per megawatt installed to a community benefit fund annually over the lifetime of the development’s operation.

Key to our continued growth is thorough consultation and engagement with the people who live and work near our projects.

A dedicated Community Liaison Group (CLG) was established for Kennoxhead Wind Farm to ensure that the proposed development involves local people, takes account of their views and explores opportunities to create long-term economic benefit.

For further information on community development, please contact us:

Wind Power

Wind is one of the world’s fastest growing renewable energy sources and has become a major component in the energy mix. Wind power is clean, cost effective and does the same job as fossil fuels but generates less waste.

Scotland is one of Europe’s strongest wind resources creating significant potential for the deployment of wind power.

This trend is expected to continue as:

  • The costs of wind energy continue to fall
  • Threats to energy security persist across the globe
  • The need to tackle climate change becomes increasingly urgent